Lisa Hoctor was my realtor in 2010 when I moved to the bay area from Guam and was again my realtor when I left in 2016 for the East Coast. She is by far the best realtor, if not person, I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She put up with my personality and that is not easy for anyone. She helped my wife and I find exactly what we wanted after a long search. She never tried to push us into anything and was always available for questions, gripes, and concerns. When we had to leave California, she was there every step of the way to get us through a difficult time as we didn't want to leave. I seriously doubt I would have had a better experience using any other realtor besides her. Kudos to you Ms. Lisa and many many thanks again for your patience, assistance and friendship. 

--Ken Bowman


Lisa Hoctor found my dream house for me in June. The first day out house hunting, after about 6 or 7 houses, we walked into "my" house and I fell in love. She had found a list of possible houses that all would have been wonderful, with all the attributes I was looking for in all the cities I was interested in, and she hit the jackpot with this one. She guided me through the bidding and buying process so that the whole transaction went incredibly smoothly. I HIGHLY recommend her.

--Karen Wendt


My first experience searching for real estate in the Bay Area was a disaster. It took months to first find a home I wanted to buy and then the day of closing, the deal fell through due to shenanigans on the part of my broker and agent. I became gun shy and stayed away from purchasing a home. It wasn't until 2 years later, when I met Lisa Hoctor, that I decided to go through the process again. This time I found a home and closed the sale within two months. Lisa was by my side the whole time, explaining the process and recommending a broker who had my best interests in mind. I am now a homeowner. Lisa was outstanding in her ability to negotiate a good deal, getting me a much better price than anticipated. I plan to utilize Lisa's expertise for all of my future real estate needs, whether it is for my business or myself. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to buy property.

--Barbara Schuh


We would like to share some of our thoughts about the outstanding and professional realty services that we received from Lisa Hoctor during the recent sale of our home in Lafayette and the purchase of our new home in Walnut Creek. They were excellent and the results tell the story. Lisa was referred to us by our mortgage broker in Orinda. All of the facts and questions we had were fully answered by Lisa in a straight forward and professional manner which gave us a sense of confidence and belief we could work with you as our realtor. Our first task was finding a new home before we listed our Lafayette home. We outlined the criteria which supplied you with a detail of what our PERFECT new home would be. After an intense and short period of time, we found our new home in Walnut Creek. There were 5 bids but Lisa got ours accepted. Immediately upon finding our home in Walnut Creek, we discussed and planned a strategy to sell our Lafayette home. The planning meeting was just the start of what was to be a very professional and well though out marketing campaign. It included a virtual tour, beautiful and comprehensive flyers, premarketing before the MLS listing, Open Houses a brokers tour and within 7 days IT WAS SOLD! We highly recommend you for anyone's future real estate dealings.

--Helen & Ed Malboeuf


Lisa Hoctor displayed energy and ability to use available marketing skills. I liked working with Lisa to sell my home plus she is a nice person which often helps greatly with negotiations in the buying and selling process.

--Faye Dunn


Anna and I couldn't be happier with Lisa as an agent. We feel like we came through the process with not only an expert realtor and someone we can always count on to ensure that we are secure in our property, but also with a personal friend. That personal connection is the true sign of a trusted advisor, and Lisa is very much that for us. We can't even count the number of times she make personal sacrifices and went above and beyond what we expected to ensure we were happy. There really are countless examples and we're certain that with any other agent the process would have worn us all down and we wouldn't have ended up in the property we so much desired. While we were tested in patience, Lisa always remained professional, responsive, proactive and thoughtful with u. Her connections made the process so much easier on us and as we shared with her a number of time throughout our experience, we always felt like we could count on Lisa standing up for us. When buying a home I'm not sure there is a better feeling than knowing you've got an expert and friend working to make anything necessary happen for you. Just today she called to make sure we are comfortable and to see if she could assist with anything. To sum it up, Lisa has shown us the best side of what service is all about and set the bar extremely high for any other agent we might ever come across. We are happy to do what we can to recognize Lisa.

--Joseph Dettman


"Thank you Lisa for the outstanding professional job you did in helping us make our dreams come true. "

 --Jim and Viki Fogerty